4 Bill Clinton Accusers Sit Front and Center at Presidential Debate

Bill Clinton appeared grim as four of his accusers sat near him at the debate.

Four women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual harassment sat front and center at Sunday night’s presidential debate.

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The fallout over the controversial hot mic tape that was released  Friday, in which Donald Trump is heard making lewd comments about women, kept the GOP presidential nominee and his closest advisors hunkered inside Trump Tower for much of the weekend.

They came up with an in-your-face strategy - bringing four Clinton accusers - Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick, Kathy Shelton And Paula Jones - to his face-off with Hillary Clinton.

They sat in the front row of the public gallery - with Trump's family - and not far from from Chelsea and Bill Clinton, who appeared grim-faced.

After the debate, the hot topic continued to be the 2005 tape of Trump's vulgar remarks about women.

Isn't Donald Trump “espousing the exact same things that you are accusing Bill Clinton of?” Inside Edition’s Les Trent asked Paula Jones.

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“No. Bill Clinton did a lot worse. Actions speak louder than words,” replied Jones.

Willey repeated Trump's claim that his remarks were just boys being boys. “It was locker room banter. Tell me a man in this whole room who has never enged in that kind of talk.”

“I never have,” said Trent.

“Well, Congratulations,” she replied. 

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