Debate Audience Member Kenneth Bone: I Wore the Red Sweater Because I Ripped My Suit Seat

The presidential debate audience member Ken Bone admitted he had a wardrobe malfunction.

Ken Bone, the presidential debate audience member who became an overnight sensation, said that he wore the now famous red sweater because of a wardrobe malfunction. 

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"When I got in my car to leave for the debate, I ripped the seat out of the pants and destroyed the suit, and had to immediately switch to the nicest thing I have in less than a minute, which is the red sweater," he told Inside Edition.  

Bone, dressed in the humble red pullover, asked an earnest question about energy at the debate on Sunday night – but before he even finished, social media users were going crazy over his appearance.

In a multitude of memes, some compared him to Big Al, a character fromToy Story 2.

Before the debate, the coal plant operator from Illinois had just seven Twitter followers. Today, he has 87,000 and counting.

One fan even created a YouTube song in honor of Bone, singing, "You had your moment, yeah, and you completely owned it."

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On Monday night, Bone was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel’s show. An audience member asked him, “When you asked about energy policy, there was something I knew I needed to ask you: how did you ever get such a fresh and cool style?”

Bone replied, “The short answer is that my wife dresses me.”

If you want the same IZOD pullover, you're out of luck. It's sold out on Amazon.

With Halloween around the corner, there’s even a Ken Bone costume kit, complete with a moustache and microphone.

"I think I'm going to go and take this sweater off for a while," Bone told Inside Edition. "It's tired, and I'm tired." 

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