Is This The Fittest Couple Ever? Acrobatic Duo Works Out Together to Keep in Top Shape

Videos showing Austin Raye and Julian Daigre's insane workouts have racked up millions of views.

They call themselves the world’s fittest couple and they most certainly are in shape.

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Austin Raye, a former cheerleader, and Julian Daigre, a skilled acrobat, take their fitness regime to spectacular heights.

They don’t use a gym, rather they use rooftops, railings, and whatever else they can find when they’re out and about in New Orleans. Their fitness videos have racked up millions of views. 

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They do daring flips, handstands, lifts… you name it.

“I can’t worry about falling. I don’t have the time to worry about falling. I always trust him,” said Daigre.

And when they’re out exercising, they often draw cheering crowds. But, people do think they’re a little nuts for their extreme acrobatics, they said.

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