Christina Aguilera's Star 'Mangled' Banner

Christina Aguilera has apologized for flubbing the lyrics to the National Anthem at the Super Bowl, while fellow music artists jump to her defense. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Fergie is rushing to the defense of fellow Super Bowl performer Christina Aguilera, after that botched Star Spangled Banner seen around the world.

Fergie said, "You know what? It's such a huge venue, your nerves just take a hold of you. So I completely understand. She's one of the best singers of our time. So, nobody can take that away from her. But, you know, you get nervous at these things. We're human."

Joan Rivers was less forgiving of Alguilera's singing flub than Fergie.

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd asks Rivers, "Is there any excuse?"

"No. No excuse. Christina stop bleaching your hair blonde and take some time to learn your (expletive deleted) lines," replies Rivers.

Alguilera's Star 'Mangled' Banner comes as a shock because she's been flawlessly belting out the lyrics since her childhood.

When Alguilera was 11-years-old, she sang the National Anthem to perfection at a Pittsburgh Penguins playoff game.

Alguilera also nailed the song again just last year during the NBA finals.

Now her Super Bowl fumble is fodder for the late night comics Conan O'Brien and Jay Leno.