Angel in the Outfield: Tim Tebow Prays Over Man Suffering Seizure at Baseball Game

The famously devout Tebow laid his hand on the man after he fell in the stands.

Former quarterback and current baseball player Tim Tebow rushed to the aid of a fan who suffered a seizure after a game Tuesday night.

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Tebow, who recently signed a minor league contract with the New York Mets, was signing autographs following a game in Glendale, Arizona, when the man, named Brendan, fell in the stands.

Tebow rushed to his side.

"Tebow had his hand on his leg and he was in obvious prayer," friend Daniel Kelly told Inside Edition.

Kelly said he believes Tebow's actions helped save his friend.

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"He got rigid, then he started to cough and he came around," he said.

After Tebow spoke with the man, paramedics arrived to treat him.

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