Judging Amy: Hundreds of Audience Members Walk Out of Schumer Show as She Attacks Trump

There was no good humor at this Florida show.

Amy Schumer learned out the hard way that not everyone is going to agree on politics during a recent performance in Tampa.

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On Sunday, the comedian saw about 200 people walk out of her show at Amalie Arena after she started talking about Donald Trump.

At one point, she brought a Trump supporter on stage and roasted him, while the crowd booed her.

Schumer, an outspoken Hillary Clinton supporter, called Trump “an orange, sexual-assaulting, fake-college-starting monster.”

Fans vented their frustration on Twitter, saying they didn’t pay to see her talk about politics and wanted to laugh.

Schumer is not alone in seeing an audience leave after poking fun at Trump at a show.

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In September, HBO’s John Oliver saw nearly have his audience at New York’s Jones Beach Amphitheater walk out on him after he poked fun at Trump.

During the end of his set, he joked that he “staggered the traffic” for those that were left in their seats and stayed to enjoy the show.

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