Dress Again: Woman Re-Wears Wedding Gown for Chores and the Gym on Every Anniversary

Most brides only wear their wedding dress once, but Samantha Burns celebrates with it every year.

One bride recently took her wedding dress to a rather strange place — the gym.

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Samantha Burns, a couples therapist, started a tradition with her husband, Darren, on their first wedding anniversary. Each year, she dusts off her wedding gown and celebrates in style.

“I never thought I’d be in the gym in my wedding dress,” she told Inside Edition. "It's just such a special moment when I get to open this and see my dress. It reminds me of the celebration we had."

Last year, the Boston couple went golfing and visited a candy store.

Now they're showing the fun activities she is willing to do in her wedding gown, like take out the garbage and work out.

“I don't care if the dress gets dirty at all. It's just going to help us remember all the fun things we did in the gown,” she said. “Dirty or clean, I’m going to love it all the same.”

She also went to Belkin Family Lookout Farm where she picked apples and walked around their land with her husband. 

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Darren gave his thoughts on his wife’s annual event, saying: “When Sam told me she wanted to wear her wedding gown on our anniversary every year, I actually thought she was joking and didn't take her seriously.

"Lo and behold, we are here. There is a new level of fun and excitement.”

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