What It's Like to Cover Trump After Explosive Comments About the Media: 'Shame on You!'

Some Trump supporters were armed with obscene gestures for Inside Edition's Jim Moret.

With 20 days until the election, the media is under fire like never before since Donald Trump ramped up his attacks on news outlets he blames for "rigging the election."

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Now, reporters covering his rallies have found themselves at the center of the attention.

His supporters chanted, “shame on you!” at reporters in Colorado Springs Tuesday.

When Trump took the stage, he continued his assault on the media, alleging that journalists are nothing more than extensions of the Clinton campaign.

The vast majority of trump supporters Inside Edition spoke to were friendly — but there was one exception when a supporter yelled “shame on you” at Jim Moret.

Another Trump backer even raised an offensive finger at the camera as she left the rally.

CNN's Jim Acosta has covered Trump since his campaign began and says anger at the media is at an all-time high.

“Since he began saying the election was rigged, supporters [have become] much more angry and volatile,” Acosta told Inside Edition.

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Last week, Acosta even found a Nazi swastika that was left for reporters at a Trump rally in Florida.

Reporters have posted videos at other Trump rallies of them being booed and harassed.

Some Trump supporters were recently filmed chanting: “Tell the truth! Tell the truth!”

Another guy heckled reporters up close, saying: "Report the news. Truth, truth, truth."

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