Amy Schumer Pens 'Non-Apology Apology' to Tampa After Trump Debacle: 'Sorry You Did Not Want Me'

The comedian made a tongue-in-cheek promise not to call Donald Trump an "orange, sexually-assaulting, fake-college-starting monster" ever again.

Amy Schumer said "sorry" to Tampa in typical comedic fashion Tuesday night during her sold-out show at New York City's Madison Square Garden.

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She read the sarcastic "non-apology apology," saying: “Dearest Tampa, I’m sorry you didn’t want me, a comedian who talks about what she believes in, to mention the biggest thing going on in our country right now. How could I think it was OK to spend five minutes having a peaceful conversation with someone with different views?”

The apology came after 200 fans walked out of her Tampa concert over the weekend after she told jokes about Donald Trump.

In the “apology,” she also said: “After the show, I want you to know that I will go straight to a rehab facility that will teach me how to make all people happy. Both the rich, entitled, white people who are gonna vote for him and the very poor people who’ve been tricked into it.

“And Tampa, I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have said that he was an orange, sexual-assaulting, fake-college-starting monster. I shouldn’t have said that. I will never again say that he is an orange, sexual-assaulting, fake-college-starting monster.”

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Following her performance, she posted a slew of photos on Instagram that featured her high-profile guests like Dave Chappelle, Madonna and Jarobi White of legendary hip-hop group A Tribe Called Quest.


Low end theories. Thank you @madonna for every thing

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