Searches for 'Bigly' Spike During Debate, as Body Language Expert Says Candidates 'Hate Each Other'

It is in fact a word, but not what he said.

The final debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas Wednesday night had many jumping online to find out if “bigly” is actually a word.

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Trump used the phrase “big league” during the debate, but it sounded like “bigly.”

“We have millions of people that did it the right way. They’re on line. They’re waiting. We’re going to speed up the process, big league, because it’s very inefficient,” Trump said. “But they’re on line and they’re waiting to become citizens.”

Viewers at home jumped onto search engines to find out whether the word is real and not something the GOP presidential candidate just made up.

“Bigly” is in fact a word, an adjective that means large.

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Social media went nuts over the word.

So much went down I almost forgot about #bigly

— Tom Kirdahy (@tkirdahy) October 20, 2016

#bigly is the new...not a word. Well, it is. Think he meant #bigleague. But will never know..cause U know, the dictionary rigged.

— Katie Wright (@khelenwright) October 20, 2016

Go #bigly or go home. But you plz go home, Trump. ??

— Mary Elizabeth Kidd (@idlewild_south) October 20, 2016

#Bigly has to be part of the drinking game.

— Anish Shroff (@AnishESPN) October 20, 2016

Body language expert Tanya Reiman watched the debate and noted how the two presidential candidates interacted with each other.

Reiman called the debate's lack of a pre-event handshake "kind of sad," saying: "That is the proper etiquette. We have never seen this when candidates dislike each other so much they won’t even touch hands.”

She added: “These two really do truly hate each other now."

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