Bra-ma Drama: Common Bra Sizing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Chances are you're wearing the wrong size bra. Our expert can help.

Attention ladies, there's a good chance you're wearing the wrong size bra.

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There are a few common mistakes that women make often when shopping for underwear, one being that they are wearing an ill-fitting bra for overall fit.

Bloomingdale's Erica Russo’s advice is: “When you're trying on the bra there's three very key things you need to follow. You want to make sure the strap is fitting nicely. You can have two fingers underneath so it's not digging too much. The front should lay flat against the sternum, and the side band here should lay parallel to the floor."

You could also be wearing the wrong kind of bra.

"Another common mistake that women make is having an ill-fitting bra in a sense that the cups are too small, creates what we call 'spillage' or the band is much too tight and is pinching and is uncomfortable,” Russo said.

A huge mistake women make is how they store their bras. You should always lay them flat and never fold them. Stack them away in a drawer with each bra on top of one another.

When it comes to washing your bra, never throw it in with the rest of the laundry. Put it in a mesh bag. That will help keep its shape and prevent damage and tangling.

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Another key tip is to never wear the same bra two days in a row.

"You should switch it up. The bra needs to rest, the elastic needs to rest. You need to have enough bras in your wardrobe so you can comfortably rotate them out,” Russo said.

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