Armageddon 2016: People Want a Meteor to Hit Earth Over Clinton or Trump Being President

A new presidential candidate is taking the world by storm.

With the nail-biting presidential election just around the corner, a destructive new challenger is gaining popularity among young voters.

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A recent poll shows one in four young American voters would rather see a giant meteor crash to Earth than have candidates Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump as commander in chief, according to

"The fact that one in four of our young people pick 'Giant Meteor' tells you something about the political disaffection that is being shown by American youth," Joshua Dyck, associate professor and co-director of UMass Lowell's Center for Public Opinion told Reuters. 

The poll began in May and resulted in 53% of voters choosing to see the meteor wreak havoc on Earth while 39% of voters would rather have President Obama stay in the oval office.

The attention surrounding the poll even sparked a new hashtag trending on Twitter called “#GiantMeteor2016.”

In honor of promoting the hashtag and the newest ‘candidate,’ a parody campaign video was created and posted on

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Voters in other areas have joined in on the witticism as well.

A home in Virginia showed its support for the candidate, Giant Meteor 2016, by sticking a sign on their front lawn.

The campaign encouraged its potential voters to “look above the sky” for a better candidate and promised to “just end it already.”

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