Panicked Daughters Buried Dad, 94, in Backyard After His Death Several Years Ago: Cops

Sarah and Susan Kort allegedly confessed to police after burying their father in his yard four or five years ago.

Two Florida sisters whose father died in his home as many as five years ago panicked and buried him in the backyard instead of contacting authorities, police said this week.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office said Sarah and Susan Kort have confessed to burying the body of their elderly father, who was reported missing by one of his siblings in July.

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Investigators said the women told them that 94-year-old Melvin Kort appeared to have died from a stroke or heart attack four or five years ago.

Deputies said they received an anonymous tip that the body was buried near the home. Decomposed remains were discovered in the area, cops said.

Prior to the discovery, deputies say they stopped by the home, where the sisters allegedly said their father had moved away.

Investigators told WKMG that an autopsy did not show any signs of blunt force trauma.

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However, the remains have not been conclusively verified through DNA tests, so police say the sisters' statements remain unverified until then.

Meanwhile, the case has been turned over to the State Attorney’s Office, where prosecutors will decide whether or not to file charges.

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