Did a Visit to the Chiropractor Cause This Playboy Model's Death?

Katie May, a stunning social media sensation, died of a stroke just says after the visit.

Shocking new details are emerging about the death of the so-called “Queen of Snapchat” just days after she visited a chiropractor.

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Katie May, who also posed in Playboy, was a social media sensation whose fan base of 2 million Instagram followers was left in shock when she suddenly died at age 34 in February.

The Los Angeles County Coroner's Office is now saying that May suffered a torn artery in her neck that occurred during her visit to her chiropractor.

The death certificate obtained by Inside Edition lists the cause of death as "neck manipulation by chiropractor" and "blunt force injury of neck."

It also says her death was an accident.

The California Board of Chiropractic Examiners has identified the chiropractor as Eric Swartz. They say he has no disciplinary actions against him. They are looking into the case and no charges against Swartz have been filed. 

Prior to her death, May tweeted: "Pinched a nerve in my neck on a photoshoot and got adjusted this morning. It really hurts!"

Two days later, she wrote: “It still hurts, going back to chiropractor tomorrow." Four days after that, she was dead from a stroke, leaving a 7-year-old daughter behind.

Her brother Stephen told Inside Edition: “She died as a result of going to the chiropractor. I think people should think twice before they have their necks adjusted.”

Stephen says his sister asked her friends on social media what to do when she started experiencing neck pain.

“She crowdsourced it and people suggested a chiropractor and she knew somebody who knew somebody and that's where she went,” he said.

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Katie’s sister, Jenny, told Inside Edition: "It is so senseless. You have this beautiful, vibrant 34-year-old on the brink of stardom who is a mother who loves her daughter, who went into a routine adjustment." 

May's friend Christina Passanisi says she told her about the pain she was going through after one visit to the chiropractor.

“It was hurting like hell, it was at the base of her skull,” she told Inside Edition.

Approximately 33 million Americans safely visit chiropractors every year for aches and pains and general health.

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