Breaking News: Egyptian President Mubarak Steps Down

The world stopped today to watch the news of Egyptian President Mubarak stepping down from power after 18 days of public protests that brought much of the nation to a halt. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

There are ecstatic scenes of jubilation in Egypt, as embattled President Hosni Mubarak finally steps down.

Fox News reported, "We are now hearing that President Mubarak has stepped down."

Every network broke into their regular programming to bring the news live from Egypt.

NBC's Richard Engel was literally in the heart of the celebrations, jostled by the crowd as he interviewed revelers in Arabic and translates, "He's very excited. We are proud we have taken our freedom. This is our country."

One man screamed for joy at NBC reporter Ron Allen, who struggled to be heard over the cheering crowd.

CNN Reporter Arwa Damon used her cell phone to report live from the streets. Revelers lined up for a chance to use her phone to speak out.

The Egyptian people who have waited thirty years for this moment danced in the streets and fireworks burst in the night sky.