Mischief Maker: Surveillance Cameras Catch Boy's Wild, Late Night Rambunctiousness

The boy thought he was sneakily breaking the rules, but didn't realize cameras were watching him.

A Florida boy thought he was being sneaky by jumping around his family’s home in Tampa at 2 a.m., but little did he know, he was all over surveillance cameras.

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Dylan Wray, 6, was filmed during the early hours jumping off sofas, bouncing off the walls and rolling around on the ground while the rest of his family was sound asleep.

His father, Cody, found out about his son jumping around when he casually scrolled through surveillance footage.

He posted it on Facebook and shamed his son, saying: “Looking through security footage when I found this event in the middle of the night in my living room. He's so dead.

“Evidently my 6yo woke up in the middle of the night to have a fun time doing all the things we told him he wasn't allowed to do. Jumping on the couches, cartwheels in the living room, playing with the lights. Little kid goes crazy at 2 am.”

The video quickly went viral after it was posted last week.

Cody and his mother, Becky, spoke to Inside Edition about the incident and how fast their story spread.

“It is mind-blowing,” Dylan said of his instant online fame.

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Becky jokingly called Dylan a “troublemaker” and said he and his brother are “rambunctious kids.”

She also added that most of the home furniture comes from Ikea because “it is easily replaceable” thanks to her two rowdy sons.

Becky said the sofa was off limits and when she and her husband saw the footage of Dylan jumping around, it got them upset.

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