From a Devil to Ken Bone, Here Are the Sexiest Halloween Costumes of 2016

Politics is also certain to dominate the costume choices this year.

With Halloween just days away, there is no shortage of sexy and jaw-dropping costumes for the spookiest night of the year. Inside Edition has you covered with a few ideas.

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Combining a bright red sweater, khaki pants and a microphone is an easy way to make yourself into presidential debate darling Ken Bone.

Revelers can grab a dark suit and red power tie to go as Donald Trump. Just don't forget that wig!

Have a blue pantsuit lying around? Then you could be Hillary Clinton.

But if politics isn't your thing, there are plenty of other ideas, like devils and cats.

Fashion maven Katrina Szish told Inside Edition the cat suit costume is “red hot,” adding: “It's a full body metallic cat suit with cutouts and those awesome horns and of course the devilish tail.”

Szish and Inside Edition took models to New York City's Grand Central Terminal as they tried on costumes from

Halloween is arguably everyone's favorite time of year. That's because we can put on a costume and become someone completely different,” Szish said.

For the guys, going as a gladiator is an easy and fun costume.

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“The gladiator is the ultimate masculine sexy costume,” Szish said. “Guys, if you have a six pack, this one's for you.”

Superheroes like Wonder Woman are always a popular choice, as well as French maid costumes.

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