Mom and Kids Set Up Skeleton Family in Different Poses Each Day

A Texas family celebrates Halloween with the Bones family.

Move over Kardashians, this year it's all about keeping up with the Bones family.

A Texas mom with a clear love of all things Halloween has made a name for herself — and her family of decorative skeletons — with a clever and ever-changing holiday display.

The alternately yoga-practicing, picnicking, limboing (and so much more) family is documented in an inspired Facebook page that Lumberton mother of two Amy Moses dubbed "Keeping Up With the Bones."

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"It makes me feel awesome to bring so many smiles to everyone," Moses told of her wildly popular creations, which she manages to change every day in October.

This year is actually the Bones family's second appearance in Lumberton. Moses said the display and Facebook posts were so popular last year that she decided to do it again — and this time she had months to play each adorable scene.

"This year I made a calendar and made notes in my phone throughout the year," she said. "The longest one took an hour."

Moses tries to use objects she has around the house to create each scene. Even something as simple as a roll of toilet paper can be a prop for the Bones, whose lives have grown to mimic any suburban household.

"The funniest one is the one where they’re sitting on the toilet and the other has the toilet paper. The kids on the school bus went crazy. I am sure the bus driver hates me from that day," Moses said.

While it's a lot of work to create a new scene each day while her husband is away, Moses said she has a little help.

"It's me and the kids. I do it when he’s at work. He will usually see it on Facebook or I will send a text with it," she said.

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In the end, it's the kids who enjoy the Bones family the most. "The kids in our neighborhood love it. The kid response has been awesome," Moses said.

Keeping Up With the Bones has been a success with adults, too, of course. Thousands of fans in Texas and nationwide have liked and shared the posts over the last few weeks.

"I am speechless," Moses told "Usually there is one person who comments with something negative and I haven’t seen that."

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