'The Code Is Known by All': Hotel Still Without Proper Security Checks After Kim K. Robbery Ordeal

Inside Edition's cameras were able to walk right past the security desk without being checked at the $30,000-a-week hotel.

Nearly a month after Kim Kardashian’s robbery inside a swanky Paris hotel, civilians who are not staying at the expensive establishment can still walk right past security without being questioned.

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Inside Edition’s cameras were able to walk right past the front gate without being checked at the $30,000-a-week hotel.

Concierge Abdulrahman, who was in fear of his life during the October 3 robbery, says "everyone" knows the security code to the hotel.

"There is one code and nobody has changed it since 2010. Everyone knows it,” he told Inside Edition.

And he says that's not the only form of lax security at the hotel.

Abdulrahman witnessed every heart-pounding moment as the masked thieves approached the main entrance of the building and down a corridor where they encountered Abdulrahman and asked him to let them in.

Surprisingly, there are no surveillance cameras anywhere in the hotel. He says when he told the robbers that, they thought he was lying.

“I told him there was no camera here and he was amazed, you know,” he told Inside Edition. “’No cameras here’ and he was very upset. 'Don't lie to me, what's this!?'"

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But there was a surveillance camera in a nearby store. It caught the robbers escaping on bikes with the loot. They're believed to be bikes rented around the corner.

The Kardashian heist was said to have been carried out with military precision. But the concierge said the thieves were amateurs, saying: “Those people were not professional at all.”

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