First Look: Stars of New JonBenet Ramsey TV Movie Look Just Like Real-Life Counterparts

Payton Lepinski is the spitting image of the tragic beauty contestant.

A new Lifetime movie is the latest project revisiting the unsolved murder of JonBenet Ramsey ahead of the case's 20th anniversary, and Inside Edition has gotten a behind the scenes look.

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The movie, Who Killed JonBenet? is currently being filmed in Vancouver.

Payton Lepinski, 6, play little JonBenet, and Julia Campbell plays Patsy Ramsey.

In a spooky twist, the actors all look just like their real-life counterparts.

“I am pretty downtrodden in my high waisted 1997 Patsy pants," Campbell joked with Inside Edition.

Michael Gill is Jon Ramsey. He claims the circumstances surrounding the girl’s death were “controlled."

He said: “The situation was controlled, everyone was controlled and protected.”

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Over the years, there have been many theories about who killed the 6-year-old beauty queen, and the case remains one of the most fascinating unsolved murders in American history.

"I think why this case is so deep in the consciousness and people always want to know more," Campbell said. "I have this feeling that the answer is right around the corner."

Who Killed JonBenet? airs Saturday on Lifetime. 

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