Alicia Machado Campaigns for Hillary Clinton: 'Trump's Not Getting Away With It'

The woman who claims Trump once called her 'Miss Piggy' is turning the tables on the GOP presidential candidate.

The ex-beauty queen who claims Donald Trump once called her “Miss Piggy” and was thrust into the spotlight in the first presidential debate, sang the praises of Hillary Clinton at a Florida rally Tuesday.

Former Miss Universe Alicia Machado appeared at Pasco-Hernando State College in Dade City, where she introduced the woman she will be voting for on November 8.

Machado spoke to the crowd in both English and Spanish, saying: “Like all of you, I am excited to be voting in this election. I could not be prouder to cast my first presidential vote for Hillary Clinton.”

The Venezuelan-born Machado recently became a U.S. citizen, making her eligible to vote this Election Day.

It wasn't long before her speech turned to Donald Trump as she recalled her time under his reign after she won the crown in 1996.

"I was scared of him," she said about Trump. "He made fun of me and I didn't know how to respond. He told me that I looked ugly, and I was massive. He even called me names: Miss Piggy, Miss Housekeeping. Soon, it became a joke. 'Alicia Machado was the fat Miss Universe.' I was sick for years fighting eating disorders."

She added: “It is really clear that he does not respect women. He just judges us on our looks. He thinks he can do whatever he wants and get away with it…Together we are going to say, loudly and clearly, ‘no Trump!’ He is not getting away with it!”

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Her near-9-minute speech received thunderous support from the crowd before Clinton took the stage.

In May, Machado spoke exclusively to Inside Edition about her ordeal with Trump.

The 39-year-old, who claims she actually gained closer to 15 pounds, told Inside Edition she felt publicly shamed.

The single mom says her experience with Trump led to years of battling eating disorders and psychotherapy.

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When Trump took Machado to the gym in 1996, he was asked by a reporter: “What happens if [then-wife] Marla gains this kind of weight? Would you drop her?”

“Well, I’d probably do the same thing with her,” he said. “I'd say 'start working out.' No, I wouldn't. Still a very interesting question.”

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