Sister of Prince Harry's Rumored Girlfriend Says She Should Help Bankrupt Dad: 'Charity Begins at Home'

Samantha Grant Markle is also calling out her sister for not doing enough to help their bankrupt father.

The half-sister of the American actress rumored to be involved with Prince Harry says she feels like an outsider to her sibling.

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Samantha Grant Markle told Inside Edition that her sister, Suits star Meghan Markle, has not told her anything about her relationship with the prince. She only found out after a friend called her.

Samantha is wheelchair bound and suffers from multiple sclerosis. She and Meghan have the same father but different moms.

Samantha has been quoted in British tabloids as calling her sister narcissistic and selfish, which she claims she never said.

"Those were never words that I used. First of all, she is not narcissistic. Just because we haven’t spoken doesn’t make her narcissistic. I would have liked to have talked to her more," she told Inside Edition from her home in Silver Springs, Florida. 

When Meghan is not filming Suits in Toronto, she does humanitarian work for children around the world, but Samantha says that if she wants to help, she doesn't need to look much further than her own family.

Their dad recently filed for bankruptcy, during which he claimed he had just $200 to his name.

"Few are interested in helping those less fortunate than yourself, it really should begin at home," Samantha said. 

Samantha compares the family drama in terms of a game show like Family Feud, saying: "The only thing that is missing is Richard Dawson." 

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Reports say Meghan and the prince have reportedly spent the last week together in Toronto bonding with her two dogs and meeting her friends.

They also attended a Halloween party, according to published reports.

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