High as a Cat: Small Kitten Enjoys Climbing Colorado's Mountains

Quandary the wandering cat loves hiking Colorado's mountains.

She's the queen of the meow-tain!

The outdoorsy kitten known as "Quandary Q Lotus Lady" spends her days like most house cats never do – she climbs some of Colorado’s tallest mountains with the brisk air blowing against her fur.

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Little Quandary was first introduced to hiking when her owner, Graham Shuee, proposed to his girlfriend, Erin, on a mountain with the cat in his palm. Although the couple had already adopted two other cats, Quandary was the small piece that made their family whole.

As Graham popped the question, the kitty sported an engagement ring around her tiny paw.

“I was absolutely shocked,” Erin Shuee told InsideEdition.com. “We had this contract where we weren’t going to adopt any more cats, but I’m so glad he broke that contract.”

They named the adventurous cat after the romantic setting where they got engaged.

Since then, Quandary has been a vital part of their lives and even took part in their wedding as the flower girl... er, cat.

When they first took her hiking, Quandary was a natural.

“She reminds me to slow down,” said Shuee. “She finds so many interesting things and has such a soothing personality.”

According to Shuee, she jaunted behind them as soon as they placed her on the trail.

“Q hikes with us almost every day,” said Shuee. “She hikes up to 13,000 feet, usually 10 miles.”

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Quandary is always safe as she is strapped to a harness before the hiking begins. The couple also carries a specialized medical kit and a leash for extra safety.

Shuee said her feline friend also enjoys snuggling into a warm blanket after a long hike.

Other hikers on the trails are typically surprised to see the curious cat wandering around, and Quandary even has her own Instagram account, "Exploration_Cat," so fans can keep up with her adventures.

“Cats are not limited to being in the home,” said Shuee. “Everyone should adopt a cat and maybe they’ll find their adventure buddy.”

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