Photographer Does 'Clinton' and 'Trump' Engagement Photo Shoot To Give People a Laugh

He said this election has been full of tension.

One Tennessee wedding photographer wanted to bring a little light to the election that he said has been full of chaos, so he introduced ‘Donald Trump’ and ‘Hillary Clinton’ in a way we haven’t seen them before – engaged.

Justin Wright, 35, came up with the idea for the mock, engagement photo shoot to try and help people laugh a little.

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“It was a fun random idea. Obviously everyone is taking the election really seriously. There has been a lot more tension than in past elections. I just wanted to remind people to laugh during the chaos of the election,” Wright told

Wright, who’s been a photographer for eight years, said he bought the wigs for the shoot from Amazon and got their outfit pieces from several different stores.

The unusual shoot took about an hour and Wright recruited a couple who he’d taken photos for in the past.

From kissing to drinking wine, the "presidential candidates" got romantic.

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“What if Trump and Hillary were actually madly in love, but because they are such public figures, the only way they could get close to one another and express their burning passion is by running against each other in a heated political race for President of the United States of America?" Wright wrote on his website.

Wright went onto say "what if they dropped out of the race on Nov 8. to get married instead?"

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