FBI Clears Clinton in Latest Email Uproar, Trump Says System is 'Rigged'

The news came as both candidates make a final push for votes.

The FBI has cleared Hillary Clinton in the latest investigation of 650,000 emails recently discovered on Anthony Weiner’s computer.

The Democratic presidential candidate was able to breathe a sigh of relief less than 48 hours before the election as FBI Director James Comey wrote in a letter to the congressional chairman committee: “Based on our review, we have not changed our conclusions that we expressed in July.”

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Donald Trump went on the attack following the news on Sunday evening, once again telling supporters the system was “rigged.”

"Right now, she is being protected by a rigged system. It’s a totally rigged system,” Trump told supporters in Michigan. “You can’t review 650,000 new emails in eight days. You can’t do it, folks.”

Just before the FBI cleared Clinton, another bombshell was dropped on the Trump campaign as The Wall Street Journal reported he had a year-long affair with 1998 Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal.

The newspaper alleges that Trump had the affair with McDougal in 2006 and was paid $150,000 by the National Enquirer to give an interview on the matter in August. The Enquirer, which is supporting Trump, apparently never ran the story.

American Media , Inc., which owns the Enquirer, released a statement following the Wall Street Journal report, saying: “AMI has not paid people to kill damaging stories about Mr. Trump."

As the election enters the home stretch, both candidates are pulling out all the stops as they urge Americans to vote in their direction.

On Friday night, Jay Z hosted a concert for Hillary Clinton in the notorious swing state of Ohio. In Cleveland, the “Hard Knock Life” rapper joined his wife, Beyoncé, Chance the Rapper, Big Sean, and J. Cole, at the free pro-Clinton concert.

After the “Empire State of Mind” rapper introduced Clinton to the stage, she used lyrics from his song “My President is Black” to appeal to voters.

“Remember Jay memorably said, 'Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther could walk, and Martin Luther walked so Barack Obama could run, and Barack Obama ran so all the children could fly!'" Clinton exclaimed.

On Sunday, Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James joined Clinton at a rally.

The reigning NBA champ said: “I support Hillary because she will build on the legacy of my good friend, President Barack Obama."

Trump blasted Clinton’s celebrity endorsements to his supporters.

During an event in Tampa, Trump said Jay Z’s use of foul language is not something that should be appealing.

“The language last night. Ohh... I was thinking, ‘Maybe I’ll just try it.’ Should I use that language? Can you imagine if I said that?” Trump said. “So he used every word in the book. I won’t even use the initials, because I’ll get in trouble. They’ll get me in trouble. He used every word in the book last night.”

He added: “I tell you what: I’ve never said what he said – in my life! But that shows you the phoniness of politicians and the phoniness of the whole system, folks!"

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Trump then enlisted the help of another musician with questionable lyrics, conservative rocker Ted Nugent, who told supporters at a rally in Michigan that his state is a red state.

“I’ve got your blue state right here, baby,” he said as he grabbed his crotch. “Black and blue!”

In the final Saturday Night Live episode before the election, Alec Baldwin returned to his portrayal of Trump and kissed Vladimir Putin, played by cast member Beck Bennett.

Kate McKinnon channeled her inner Clinton as she and Baldwin took to Times Square and marched to the music of Arcade Fire’s “Wake Up” to see what each of their presidencies would look like.

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