Brothers Apologize to Parents They Tried to Murder as They're Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison

Christopher Ervin and Cameron Ervin pleaded guilty to the 13 charges they were each facing, including kidnapping, aggravated assault and armed robbery.

Two Georgia brothers, who put their parents in the hospital following an unprovoked and brutal attack where they tried to blow up their family’s home, have been sentenced to 20 years each in prison, authorities said.

Christopher Ervin, 23, and Cameron Ervin, 19, pleaded guilty to the 13 charges they were each facing, including kidnapping, aggravated assault and armed robbery, apologizing to their parents as they looked on from the court’s gallery Monday.

“Am I redeemable? I believe so,” Christopher Ervin said in court, noting that he and his brother were high on drugs the night of the attack, according to WSB-TV. “The facts in this case, that’s me at my absolute worst.”

On September 5, 2015, the brothers spiked their parents’ drinks with Xanax and attacked the couple as they slept, authorities said.

Their mother, Yvonne Ervin, managed to call for help, pleading with a 911 operator to save her and her husband, Zachary Ervin.

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“Please send someone to my house,” she said, breathing heavily into the phone. “My children are trying to kill me... They’ve attacked me and my husband. They drugged us with Xanax. They’ve attacked us and they’re trying to kill us.”

She told the emergency dispatcher that her sons had two firearms, saying that she was unsure why her children had tried to kill their parents.  

“They tried to strangle and shoot us, they thought we were asleep and they tried to attack us. They beat me up, they beat [Zachary] up; they’re trying to kill us.

“I don't know what's going on,' she continued. “I don't know why they've done this, I really don't. I guess they want the insurance money, I'm not sure.” 

Zachary Ervin had been stabbed more than 10 times and suffered a severe head injury after he was hit with a shotgun, while Yvonne Ervin was found seriously injured while lying on her bed, authorities said.

It was also believed that the brothers had tampered with the home’s gas line to blow the house up.

“Just kill me now,” Cameron Ervin allegedly said to police after his arrest. “I tried to f***ing kill my parents. Who does that?”

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Despite the horrors the couple faced at the hands of their children, both Yvonne and Zachary stood by their children throughout their trial and said they forgave their sons.

The parents, who publicly defended their sons less than a month after the attack, asked the court to consider a light sentence, saying their sons were “redeemable” and had successfully overcame their issues with drugs and depression.

“That night, being in that house that night, I saw Satan,'” Zachary Ervin told WSB-TV. “And I knew shortly after that, that what had happened to us wasn't my sons. And that's why I've been able to stand with them and advocate for them.”

Yvonne Ervin agreed, adding: “These are not the sons we raised. My sons would not do something like this.”

The couple visited their children in prison often, Cameron Ervin said.

"... At least 60 visits, with my parents, one on one,” he said, according to the television station. “Thirty minutes a visit. That's over just a day, two days spent talking to one another. And I realize how much I love them. And I realize how much they love me. I'm extremely regretful, remorseful, and just overall sorry beyond explanation for this situation.”

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