Girl Celebrates 3rd Birthday on Election Day by Dressing Up as Both Candidates

"We knew no matter what, she would make people smile today. Even the people weeping out there," her mom Trish Gardini said.

What better way to celebrate a birthday that lands on Election Day than to dress up as the presidential candidates?

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Little Haizlee Gardini of South Bend, Indiana, had bigger concerns than red versus blue November 8. For her, the day marked her 3rd birthday.

But, she bought into the election frenzy anyway and in a heartwarming photo shoot by her mom Trish Gardini, Haizlee posed as both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

"We knew no matter what, she would make people smile today," Gardini told, "even the people weeping out there."

Even though Haizlee is not quite old enough to understand each candidate's political stance, her favorite part was dressing up and putting on makeup.

"She was happy they both wore makeup," her mom joked. "Even the daddy. She couldn't believe the daddy wore make up because daddies aren't supposed to wear makeup."

Gardini said, as a photographer, her daughter grew up in front of the camera, and came to quickly love the spotlight.

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"Most kids aren't game like she is," Gardini said. "She's always grown up with a big bow on her head, and smiling for the camera. She just has a really fun personality."

Although the 3-year-old's real birthday treat included a fun dinner at Chuck-E-Cheese, Gardini said she even brought her daughter to the polling booth as she cast her own vote.

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