Mom Loses Custody of Her Kids After Giving Toddler Daughter a Pot Smoothie to Treat Seizure

An Idaho mom says she was trying to calm her 3-year-old daughter, who was hallucinating and having seizures.

An Idaho mother is fighting for custody of her children, who were removed from her care after her 3-year-old tested positive for marijuana.

Kelsey Osborne, 23, says she put a tiny amount of pot into her daughter’s smoothie to soothe her as she writhed in a violent seizure, and it seemed to work.

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“Finally she fell asleep, and she was OK after that,” Osborne told Tuesday. Later, Osborne took the girl to the doctor, who reported her to children’s services after urine and blood tests detected THC, the active ingredient of pot.

That was last month, and Osborne says her life is miserable without 3-year-old Madyson and 2-year-old Ryker. "I just want my kids back," she said, breaking into tears. "I miss my kids."

The children are in the custody of their father, pending an investigation by child welfare authorities.

Osborne was charged with a misdemeanor count of injury to a child and has pleaded not guilty, she said.

Madyson has been diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder and was taking Risperdal, an antipsychotic drug sometimes used to treat ODD, her mother said.

The girl was withdrawing from the drug when suffered the worst seizure of her young life, Osborne said.

Madyson was screaming, hallucinating and convinced that “someone was trying to kill her, that she was going to die,” her mother said. “It was horrible,” Osborne said. “I’d never seen her like that.”

Osborne says she called the child’s doctor, who told her to come into the office that afternoon.

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Meanwhile, with Madyson still screaming, Osborne said she took a pinch of marijuana, mixed it with butter, and put in her daughter’s smoothie. About 30 minutes later, Madyson laid down for a nap, Osborne said.

The mother said she was simply trying to find a way to ease her daughter’s discomfort. Marijuana is illegal in Idaho, but surrounding states including Montana and Oregon have legalized medical or recreational pot.

Idaho Department of Health and Welfare spokesman Tom Shanahan said giving pot to children “can cause brain development issues... so we view that as unsafe or illegal,” KTVB-TV reported. “We want children to be in a safe place.”

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