Hamming It Up for the Camera: Once-Abused Pig Gets Maternity Shoot Before Giving Birth

Little Sophie was rescued and before her saviors found out she was pregnant.

Weeks after she was rescued from dangerous conditions in Indiana, Sophie the pot-bellied pig is a new mommy.

Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary, an organization that cares for animals that have been criminally abused, took Sophie in until she could be given a permanent home, but then they found out she was pregnant.

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“They reached out to us and asked if we could give a home to this pig when the court proceedings were done. They brought her to us. We saw little piglet kicks we were like, 'oh yea she’s pregnant,'” said Laurie Jackson, a director at the non-profit.

It was then that a volunteer came up with the idea for a maternity photo shoot for the pig. 

Donning a tutu, Sophie struck several poses for the camera – even smiling at times.

“She loved the shoot. She got a little coercion with some treats but she was really cooperative and happy to do it,” said Jackson.  “She was pretty into and loved the attention.”

They organization was also planning a contest to guess Sophie's due date to raise money, but before they got a chance, she gave birth on Monday.

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And now, when she goes out with her seven little piglets by her side, she’s even happier.

“She will give little grunt of contentment while they are nursing. She has been amazing mommy,” said Jackson.

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