Woman Abused Boyfriend's Child Because He Wasn't Hers and Had a 'Stupid Ugly Face': Cops

Danielle Miller, 31, allegedly forced the boy to eat laxatives and hot sauce, among other abuse.

A Pennsylvania woman has been arrested on charges she methodically tortured her boyfriend's young son because he wasn't hers.

Danielle Miller, 31, of Quarryville is in custody on charges regarding the repeated abuse of a 4-year-old boy, who police say was beaten and punished for months.

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According to the Lancaster County District Attorney, Miller, 31, is charged with eight felonies for a four-month period of abuse which included forcing the boy to eat laxatives and hot sauce, leaving the boy's legs bound for hours, locking the boy in a padded closet and verbal abuse, including calling the boy a "(expletive) pig" and telling the boy he has a "stupid, ugly face."

Nathan P. Duke, 30, the boy’s father, is also charged with felony counts of endangerment and conspiracy for allegedly concealing the abuse and never reporting it

Both Duke and Miller were arrested and arraigned Monday morning.

Miller’s bail was set at $300,000; Duke’s at $100,000. Neither has posted bail.

Police believe Miller resented and abused the boy because he is Duke’s child with another woman.

An acquaintance of the couple first reported the suspected abuse. The boy was removed from the home in July.

According to the district attorney, multiple accounts from acquaintances of the couple painted the grim picture of the alleged abuse.

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The boy was bound at the legs in what Miller called “playing mermaid,” he was fed "poop beans" — a laxative concoction — and hot sauce and not allowed to drink water for long periods of time.

The boy was also barricaded in a closet and terrorized by Miller and he was forced to stay on a toilet for hours until he defecated, authorities said.

Miller is charged with aggravated assault, endangering a child, false imprisonment, unlawful restraint, terroristic threats, reckless endangerment, and harassment.

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