Neighbors Fed Up With Commotion Surrounding Trump Tower: 'They Can't Take It Any Longer'

The wealthy Trump Tower residents are tired of being frisked every time they return home.

The wealthy residents of Trump Tower are said to be fed-up with the hubbub in the area.

A residential entrance has black screens which shield them from view as they are frisked every time they return home.

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A top local realtor has said the tower inhabitants "can't take it any longer" and many may be ready to move out.

The area around Trump Tower, on Manhattan’s bustling Fifth Avenue, has become like a fortress as roads are blocked, security is beefed up and barricades are installed, with checkpoints everywhere.

Former NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik told Inside Edition: “Trump Tower is a primary tourist spot in Manhattan — people go there to eat and to shop. For the U.S. Secret Service, it is the most challenging detail they've ever had or will ever have.”

A pop-up barrier defends against truck bombs and folds down when Trump's convoy leaves and then pops back up to seal off the street.

“A lot of that is intelligence and a lot of it is visual security that the Secret Service will have to take care of on a technical basis,” Kerik said.

The heightened security is a real headache for Trump's neighbors. Some of the world's most exclusive stores are on the block, including Tiffany’s, Armani and Harry Winston.

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The lockdown comes right before the holiday season, the time of year retailers make most of their money.

At Trump Tower all bags are being x-rayed at the door. Gucci is the biggest retail store inside and plenty of shoppers were inside.

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