Dollar General Cashier Provides Service With a Song: 'When I'm Working, I Like to Sing'

Lucas Holliday of Michigan became a viral sensation after belting out Maxwell's "Ascension" as he checked out and bagged items for a customer.

It's service with a song for this Dollar General cashier, who has become known throughout Michigan for belting out tunes as he bags.

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Lucas Holliday of Lansing was seen singing Maxwell's "Ascension" as he checked out and bagged items for a customer Tuesday, in a video shot by Sharee Nakia Robinson.

"Sometimes I just need to do that for myself," Holliday told "When I'm working or going through a really busy day, I like to hum and I like to sing a little bit. I need to keep the optimism up."

Holliday, 26, said his musical talents originated from his grandmother, who used to sing to him as an infant, and his mother, who often participates in church choirs.

While he tends to remain in the realm of soul, country, and folk as he's working the cashier position, he has several favorites he tends to come back to.

"It's the one way I feel like I can express myself," he said. "Music is therapeutic. Being able to sing is therapeutic. It helps me sort things out in my mind."

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But, his musical aspirations take flight during his off hours.

Holliday provides vocals for blues band Tell Yo Mama, which just released their debut single recently.

"I'm very proud of him," his friend, Renu Taneja, told "He's is so talented yet so humble."

Holliday has even since been invited by Maxwell himself to perform at an upcoming show.

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