Meat and Greet: Sampling the $36 Burger Donald Trump Enjoyed at NYC's Iconic 21 Club

The burger is 1,203 calories and 84 grams of fat!

The $36 “21 burger” that Donald Trump ate at New York City's ritzy 21 Club Tuesday night is loaded with 1,203 calories and contains 84 grams of fat.

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Chef Michael Haugstatter showed Inside Edition how it's prepared at the famed Manhattan restaurant.

He said he the only thing the burger needs is salt and pepper and comprises a mix of chuck, sirloin and short rib beef. 

Donald Trump and his family emerged from Trump Tower Tuesday night for the posh dinner several blocks away without a caravan of reporters letting the public know about the president-elect’s whereabouts.

The family dinner was Trump's first public outing since the patriarch won the election last week.

The departure was a big break from traditional presidential protocol, because Trump ditched his press entourage. His press secretary had even thrown off reporters about an hour earlier, saying that the future president would be staying at Trump Tower for the rest of the evening.

The “lid” was issued to the press after 6 p.m. At 7, the family departed to the opulent 21 Club.

Trump was cheered by a ritzy crowd as he entered the Manhattan establishment for the surprise dinner Tuesday night. When he walked in, he told the wealthy crowd: "We will get your taxes down, don't you worry."

The press discovered his whereabouts after some followed the motorcade and patrons inside posted photos of the Trumps on social media.

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Trump's one-time bitter rival, Senator Ted Cruz, visited the real estate tycoon before he left for dinner. Cruz is reportedly being considered for attorney general or the Supreme Court.

On Wednesday, the Trump name was removed from an apartment building on New York's Upper West Side after residents petitioned to have it taken down.

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