Sanitation Workers Find Woman's Diamond Rings in Dumpster After She Lost Them While Cooking

Colleen Dyckman of New York said she lost the two rings, worth $5,000 each, while she was cooking. She had mistakenly thrown them in the garbage.

What's harder than finding a needle in a haystack? Tracking down two diamond rings in a dumpster.

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Colleen Dyckman from Long Island, New York, was elated when she and a team of local sanitation workers were able to find her rings in a town dumpster after she had mistakenly thrown them in the trash.

"I wanted to give up, but they never did," Dyckman said. "It's like my faith in humanity is restored."

Dyckman explained in an interview with CBS2 she realized she swept her wedding band and engagement ring, worth approximately $5,000 collectively, off the counter while she was cooking Monday morning.

"I knew in an instant I threw them out, because I knew I had cleaned the night before," Dyckman said in an interview with CBS2.

In a frenzy, she and her husband followed her garbage truck to the local town dump, and pleaded with workers to let her search for her jewelry before the truck's contents were incinerated.

Eight employees even joined in.

"She was visibly upset, she was ripping through garbage, disgusting stuff," said Jeremy Aretakis, who works at the Town of Babylon Recycling Center. "She didn't stop, so none of us stopped."

Four hours later, another employee discovered the rings buried inside food.

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"I double checked and opened [a bag] up, and wow — the ring," employee Kim Weathers said.

Dyckman said she immediately started crying, and hugging Weathers for finding her irreplaceable jewelry.

To say thank you, the Dyckmans sent the staff boxes of pizza brownies.

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