Megyn Kelly's New Book Targeted in Hateful Amazon Reviews

It's an apparent attempt to stymie the Fox News anchor's book sales.

Megyn Kelly’s new book is under attack by online trolls who are attempting to torpedo sales by bombarding Amazon with negative reviews.

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On the Amazon listing of Kelly's Settle For More, 56 percent of the reviews have been negative, giving the book just one star.

The negative reviews are mostly bogus, and written by people who haven't even read the book.

An anonymous person under the handle "Kindle Customer,” wrote: “This woman is a liar and an egotistical nothing!”

Another review read: “Bimbo! Can she please go away?!”

Erin Gloria Ryan, a senior editor at The Daily Beast, told Inside Edition that the campaign to target The Kelly File host’s book is an organized effort by Trump supporters on Reddit.

“A lot of them looked like they were written quickly on a phone in a fit of rage,” she told Inside Edition. “This seems like an effort to torpedo Megyn Kelly's book because they dislike her because she's been a critic of Donald Trump and they love Donald Trump.”

The trolls also targeted the Barnes and Noble website where her book has a measly 2.1 star rating.

One anonymous critic actually admitted they didn't buy the book, writing: “This book is a flop! Glad I did not purchase it. Go Trump!”

The folks at Amazon are now deleting the bogus reviews, only allowing "verified readers,” people who have actually purchased the book, to rate and post reviews.

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Meanwhile, Kelly’s former Fox News colleague Gretchen Carlson is speaking out about sexual harassment she suffered at the start of her career which occurred in 1989, not long after she won the Miss America title.

She told 20/20 in an interview airing Friday on ABC: “It was a shocking experience. This man spent most of the day helping me, we went to dinner and after we were in the back of a car.

"Before I knew it he was on top of me and his tongue was down my throat."

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