Some Lavish Homes Inside Trump Tower Dropping in Price as It Becomes Base of Operations for Transition

You will still get much glitz for your money.

As barricades line the perimeter outside Trump Tower and a pool camera broadcasts a live feed of the goings in the lobby, the rest of the building — especially the residences — remains a mystery to the public.

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Donald Trump’s prized Fifth Avenue tower features 262 luxury apartments from floors 27 to 58.

The first four floors consist of a huge golden atrium and a public space with high-end stores, as well as the famous escalator Trump and wife Melania rode the day he announced he was running for president in June 2015.

There's also a food court and public garden that tourists are welcome to stroll through.

From Floors 5-26 are the offices of companies like Gucci and the Trump Corporation.

Trump's children, Ivanka, Donald Jr. and Eric, have offices on the 25th floor. The president-elect's office is on the 26th floor.

Trump lives in the penthouse, a three-story mansion in the sky with decor inspired by the Palace of Versailles. There are marble floors with gold everywhere.

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Inside Edition was given a tour of a one bedroom apartment that's for rent by real estate agent Giampiero Rispo.

"It rents very easy," he said.

However, recent hustle and bustle following Trump's victory and the fact that "the Secret Service is everywhere," have caused it's price to change. 

A few weeks ago, the apartment was listed to rent at $9,000 a month but there were no takers. Now it’s dropped to $8,200 a month.

Until recently, the average sale price of a Trump Tower apartment was $2.5 million. Now, it’s down to $2.1 million.

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