Shelley Duvall Claims 'Popeye' Co-Star Robin Williams Is Still Alive: He's a Shapeshifter

"The Shining" actress has been struggling with mental illness.

Actress Shelley Duvall, who gave a memorable performance in “The Shining” as Jack Nicholson’s terrified wife, says in a new television interview that she is battling mental illness.

“I’m very sick. I need help,” she says in a segment with “Dr. Phil” scheduled to air on Friday.

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Now 67, Duvall appearance is drastically different than her visage in the 1980 horror classic.

She appears confused and delusional in the interview, saying her late co-star Robin Williams, who died in 2014, is alive and “shapeshifting.”

She also talks about alien implants in her legs.

“Are you in good health?” Dr. Phil asks at one point.

“If I say I’m healthy, first thing they will do is hurt me tonight,” she replies.

“Who will hurt you?” he asks.

“Whoever is in security or the bank, doing night work. Who’s doing off-duty police work in black and white? Taxi?”

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Besides appearing in director Stanley Kubrick’s classic film adaptation of the Stephen King novel, Duvall also starred in “Popeye” with Williams and in Robert Altman’s “Nashville” in 1975.


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