2-Month-Old Baby Still in Car When Stolen by Suspect Believed to Be Involved in String of Crimes: Report

Pherris HarringtonPherris Harrington

A car crash occurred in Chicago between at least five vehicles, including an unmarked police car and a 2-month-old passenger, according to a local report.

A Chicago man was arrested for allegedly carjacking a vehicle that had an infant inside before taking off and striking several other vehicles, authorities said. 

On Sunday, a car crash occurred between at least five vehicles, including an unmarked police car and a vehicle with a 2-month-old passenger, according to a local report.

Amir Rouzati, the owner of one of the vehicles whose car was damaged in the crash, told local outlet WGN 9 that he believes the car that caused the accident was stolen and that the driver of the vehicle ran away shortly after the incident.

“He originally hit a cop car off of Lawrence and then turned right and hit all these cars,” Rouzati said to WGN. “After that, I heard he ran on foot, carjacked another car or something.”

Authorities told WGN that a 41-year-old man was getting out of his Honda that was parked in a lot when he was approached by someone who then stole his car with his 2-month-old still inside.

Later that afternoon, a different car, driven by Krista Tarrien, was hit from the back while stopped.

“He slammed into us, we were at a dead stop,” Tarrien told WGN. “We were at the stoplight and a car rammed into our car. I didn’t really see what was happening.”

According to the outlet, as Tarrien’s vehicle swerved to the side, a man jumped out of the vehicle that hit her and slid through a gap in the ramp in order to flee.

After the suspect ran, authorities found the 2-month-old boy in the back seat of the now-abandoned car, per WGN.

“We all pulled over, I saw the officers running to the car and they pulled a baby out,” Tarrien said.

According to the outlet, the baby was taken to the hospital for evaluation.

Police believe the crashes and the carjacking are related, according to the outlet.

Pherris Harrington, 26, was charged with aggravated kidnapping, vehicular hijacking with a weapon, possession of ammunition without a valid Firearm Owner's Identification, resisting a peace officer, two counts of battery and one count of leaving the scene, according to reports. He was scheduled to appear in bond court Tuesday. 

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