2 Police Officers Save Choking Baby's Life: 'He Was So Tiny'

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Two NYPD officers have saved a choking 8-day-old baby’s life.

Lisette Rodriguez, said her baby boy, Ray, started choking after she burped him last week. He was spitting up and turning blue. 

Rodriguez said she frantically ran outside of her home in the Bronx, spotted a police car, and began pounding on the window.

"She was desperate," a translator said on behalf of Rodriguez. "She felt like her son was gonna die."

The officers ran upstairs to find the unconscious newborn.

"I grabbed the baby I started giving him blows the back to spill whatever he he had in his throat," Officer Elizabeth Velasquez told CBS News. "Then I turned the baby over started giving him chest compressions with my two fingers."

But the child wasn’t waking up.

“We made a decision as a team to take the baby ourselves to the hospital in the police car,” Officer Daniel Wynohradnyk said.

Velasquez continued CPR on the way to the hospital.

“It was hard. He was so tiny and I was very gentle cause he felt so fragile very fragile,” Velasquez said.

Then they heard the baby cry.

“The best feeling I ever had as a cop for 20 years, that was the best feeling I've ever had on this job,” Velasquez said.

The baby is now doing well and Rodriguez said she doesn’t know what she would have done without the heroic officers.


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