2 Surfers Miraculously Escape Without Injury as Massive Shark Trails Them on Beach in Puerto Rico

A stock image of a scenic view of beach in Puerto Rico.
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The chances of getting bit by a shark is low, but shark attacks are on the rise, a report said.

Two surfers catching the waves on a Puerto Rico beach swam frantically in the choppy waters as soon as they saw they weren’t alone. A massive shark was trailing them only a few feet away, according to a published report.

Dramatic footage captured the shark’s dorsal fin sticking out from the water. In the video, Rolando Montes is seen trying to get back to shore as his surfing partner follows, The New York Post reported.

Both surfers were able to escape without injury, The Hill reported

A friend of the pair, Jorge Benitez, watched the terrifying scene unfold and filmed the close encounter. 

Benitez said sharks are rarely seen in the waters of Middles Beach, where the large predator surfaced, the Post reported. 

“This is the first shark I see," Benitez said. 

The last shark incident that took place off the beaches of Puerto Rico was in 2011, the Post said. 

The chances of getting bit by a shark are low, but shark attacks are on the increase, METRO UK previously reported.

In 2021, there have been eight fatal shark attacks following 74 encounters, some provoked, some unprovoked, the publication reported. 

The United States has the most number of shark encounters, 33 last year (3 deaths) followed by Australia (8 attacks with 6 deaths), according to the International Shark Attack File. 

On Nov 8, Paul Millachip, 57, was fatally bitten by what was believed to be a great white shark while he was swimming at Port Beach near Perth off Australia’s west coast, METRO UK rported.

The attack was witnessed by two teenagers who tried to save the man. His body was never recovered, the news outlet reported. 

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