2 University of Pittsburgh Students Charged With Abusing a Corpse While in an Anatomy Lab

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The two students were allegedly seen making sexual comments and inappropriately touching corpses, according to criminal complaints.

Two University of Pittsburgh students have been charged for their alleged behavior towards cadavers while in an anatomy lab.

The two students, Amay Gupta, 19, and Sonel Jimenez, 19, were charged with abuse of a corpse for their inappropriate actions while in their university anatomy lab, according to CBS News

Others in the class saw Gupta making sexual comments and placing his hand inside a male corpse's chest, according to a criminal complaint obtained by Inside Edition Digital. Jimenez was allegedly seen using his fingers to penetrate the vagina of a female corpse, smirking and making inappropriate comments, according to the criminal complaint filed against him. 

According to police, Gupta admitted that he may have said an inappropriate comment while in the lab and Jimenez admitted he touched parts of the female cadaver because he was curious, CBS News reported. 

The alleged inappropriate actions occurred despite the students confirming that they were told they had to be respectful towards the cadavers, as they are human beings, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

After the allegations about the students arose, university officials will assess how they manage the cadavers that are donated to the school, according to the university.

“While incidents of misconduct by individuals are extremely rare, the university has robust oversight in place to ensure that any allegation of misuse or mistreatment of donated tissue is swiftly investigated and addressed, as is happening in this case,” the university said, according  to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “As part of that process, the appropriate offices and leaders will review all processes and protocols to determine if there are opportunities to strengthen or improve them.”

Jimenez and Gupta have not yet pled and will face their preliminary hearings in January, according to court documents.

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