2 Years After Texas Woman Was Shot Dead Setting Up Garage Sale, New Video Released in Hopes of Finding Killer

In Jan. 2019, Elizabeth Barraza, 29, was in front of her home in Tomball, Texas when she was fatally shot at point blank range.

It’s been nearly two years since a Texas woman was shot dead while setting up a garage sale. Now, police have released a new video that her family hopes will help find her killer.

In the early hours of Jan. 25, 2019, Elizabeth Barraza, 29, was in front of her home in Tomball, Texas setting up for the garage sale. At 7 a.m., a shadowy figure with long hair and wearing what appears to a bathrobe, walked up. Elizabeth seemed startled. Then, the killer shot her four times at point-blank range. The killer then sprinted away, jumped into a pickup truck and quickly drove away.

Police say the newly released video shows a clear picture of the vehicle the killer was driving. According to the police, the truck was seen casing the neighborhood the night before and that morning, waiting for Barraza’s husband to leave.

Detectives released a photo of a truck they believe is similar to the one they’re looking for — a Nissan Frontier 4X4 with a PRO-4X sticker.

"Somebody knows that car, somebody knows who murdered Liz, somebody knows about this and we just need somebody to call us,” Harris County Det. Wyatt Wallace told Inside Edition.

Barraza’s husband Sergio told Inside Edition he hopes the video “leads to a key thing that the detective can use to give them a break in this case.”

“We really need it, she really needs it,” Sergio continued.

Barraza’s father Robert Nuelle Jr. said that he believes the video shows the killer was “very deliberate” and “knew what they were doing" and "knew who she [Barrera] was."

Barraza was a huge Star Wars fan. She wore a Star Wars costume at a children’s party. Among the items being sold at her garage sale was a stormtrooper helmet. At a memorial service, her friends and neighbors held lightsabers in her honor.