What Happened to Jackie Vandagriff? '48 Hours' Dives Into the College Student's Murder and a Killer's Mind

Jackie Vandagriff

CBS News' '48 Hours' will be premiering Saturday an all-new series, "The Murder of Jackie Vandagriff".

CBS News' 48 Hours on Saturday will premiere an all-new series "The Murder of Jackie Vandagriff." CBS News chief investigative and senior national correspondent Jim Axelrod reports in the series anthology.

Charles Bryant was banned from stepping foot onto the University of North Texas campus after his ex-girlfriend, Caitlin Mathis, obtained a restraining order against him for stalking her just six nights before.

"He was definitely smooth," Mathis told "48 Hours." "It seemed like he kind of had his life together."

"He was very charming," Mathis recalled.

After Bryant was taken into custody for violating his restraining order after trespassing on Mathis' dorm on Sept. 6, investigators believe Bryant sought revenge on the next girl he met.

That night, after he was released, Bryant walked into a bar and met 24-year-old Jackie Vandagriff.

Just hours later, she was dead. She was found mutilated near a lake, nearly a week later. 

A Tarrant County jury in 2018 would go on to sentence Bryant to life in prison for Vandagriff's killing. But in 2016, Bryant denied knowing who Vandagriff was. Questions circulating around how and why she died remained a mystery until one man got the killer talking.

"The Murder of Jackie Vandagriff," airs Saturday, Jan. 16 at 10/9c on CBS.