Melania Trump Will Not Be Moving to the White House Until Barron Finishes School Year

The future first family won't all be residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue right away.

Melania Trump will not be taking up residence at the White House until at least next summer because she wants her 10-year-old son Barron to finish the school year.

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Donald Trump told reporters Sunday that his wife and fourth-grade son, who attends a private school in Manhattan’s Upper West Side, will eventually move into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, just not in January.

“Very soon. After he’s finished with school,” Trump told reporters.

A source close to Trump’s transition team told the New York Post Sunday: “Melania is extremely close to Barron, and they have become closer during the campaign. The campaign has been difficult for Barron, and she is really hoping to keep disruption to a minimum.”

The future first lady’s decision to not move into the White House right away has been called unprecedented. Nearly every first lady has lived in the White House after their husbands were inaugurated since the doors of America’s most famous home opened in 1800.

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George Washington and his wife Martha were the only couple not to live at the White House because it was still being built during the first president’s two terms.

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