Carrie Fisher Says She Was 'So Insecure' About Her Affair With Harrison Ford

The man playing Han Solo was 14 years older than her and married with two kids at the time of the affair.

Actress Carrie Fisher opened up on television for the first time about her affair with Harrison Ford during the making of Star Wars in 1976.

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Fisher was 19 at the time. Ford was 33 and a married father of two.

"I don't remember any details," Fisher told the Today show Monday. "I don't have a good memory. It was sad because I was so insecure, and it's very raw and obviously I didn't expect anyone, including myself I suppose later on, to read it."

The 60-year-old actress wrote about the affair in her new book, The Princess Diarist, and admitted to Savannah Guthrie that she told Ford about her plans to reveal the affair.

“He's incredibly private," she said. "I feel really bad about doing that too him. But yes, I told him I had found the journals and that I was going to publish them. He sort of went, 'Lawyer.'"

She added: “It was a three-month one-night stand.”

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Fisher and Ford starred in the original Star Wars trilogy together and eventually became lovers in the films’ story arch.

In 2015, they reprised their roles as Han Solo and Princess Leia in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

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