Family's Christmas Portrait Goes Hilariously Wrong, Thanks to Antics of 10-Month-Old Baby

"I tried my best to keep staring straight at the camera," said Jeff Frandsen, whose baby could be seen tugging at his glasses in their holiday photos.

Family portraits are always a little awkward – but this one takes the cake.

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Ten-month-old Emerson Frandsen of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, catapulted her family into viral fame after pulling a little prank during their holiday photo shoot. 

“We’ve never taken a family photo before – well obviously, she’s 10 months so this will be her first Christmas,” the tot’s father, Jeff Frandsen, told InsideEdition,com. “Now that we have Emerson in our lives, we thought this would be the perfect time to have a Christmas photo to put on a card to introduce [her] to all our friends and family who haven’t met her yet.” 

He said after a couple nice portraits, they wanted to do a quirky one they could go back and laugh at – and it seems Emerson was in on the joke.

As little Emerson was held over her dad’s shoulders, she suddenly grabbed his glasses and attempted to pull them off his face. Emerson’s mother, Liz could be seen in the pictures shot by photographer Sam Interrante looking wide-eyed.

“I tried my best to keep staring straight at the camera, and I’m feeling one eye pop, and the other I’m keeping together with the eyebrow, [thinking] ‘Hold on to the glasses!’” Frandsen said.

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Although the photo didn’t make their official Christmas card for the year, Frandsen said they are now planning to frame the photo, to commemorate Emerson’s young internet fame.

At least the family dog sat nicely for the portrait, Frandsen said.

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