How About Hat? 'Make America Great Again' Ornament Receiving Politically Charged Amazon Reviews

One review reads: "If you buy one, I hear you can use a tax loophole and never have to pay taxes again."

It’s not often that a Christmas ornament would receive such divisive feedback, but when an item comes with the words “Make America Great Again,” it can't be without controversy.

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Just in time for Christmas, an ornament in the shape of the notorious hat worn on the campaign trail by President-elect Donald Trump is available for purchase on Amazon

And as expected, the ornament, which is currently out of stock on Trump's website, is receiving mixed reviews.

“This ornament is trying to grab every woman’s p**** that is walking by,” one comment read. “It is loud and rude and keeps ranting racial slurs!”

“Great way to commemorate Christmas 2016 and our new President Donald J. Trump,” one comment, titled Make Merry Christmas Great Again, wrote.

“If you buy one, I hear you can use a tax loophole and never have to pay taxes again,” another wrote.

A four-star rave reads: “Came with an entire crate of white hood ornaments. Great bargain! Downside: my tree is now on fire.”

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The ornament currently has a 1.7 star rating on Amazon.

However, fans of the ornament are still able to purchase the collectable from resellers, starting at $200.

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