Courageous or Stupid? Teen Daredevils Climb NYC's Tallest Buildings to Pose on Social Media

One slip could mean certain death for these thrill-seekers.

A New Jersey teenager has sparked concern and outrage after recording himself hanging from a skyscraper above New York City's Central Park.

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In the video recently posted to Instagram, Justin Casquejo, 18, can be heard saying, "you guys have no idea how beautiful this is."

Casquejo is also seen hanging precariously from the top of a skyscraper under construction overlooking Central Park in a jaw-dropping video posted November 4.

In video he posted, Casquejo and his pals climb the stairs to the top level. From there they navigated the narrow catwalks and climb the scaffolding overlooking the park.

He then hangs from the bars with one arm with no fear.

Casquejo's face may look familiar. He made headlines in 2014 when he crawled through a hole in a fence at 1 World Trade Center and made his way to the top of America’s largest skyscraper.

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He was given a slap on the wrist and sentenced to only 30 days of community service.

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