Driving Miss Crazy: Road Rage Incident Between 2 Women Turns Parking Lot Into Demolition Derby

The conflict began with an argument between two women inside an LA supermarket.

The parking lot of a California shopping center became the scene of a jaw-dropping demolition derby Sunday.

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The bizarre duel occurred in South Los Angeles after two women reportedly got into an argument inside a grocery store and it spilled into the parking lot, where the fight turned physical.

And it didn't stop there. In a video of the incident from GrindFace TV, the women can be seen getting into their cars — a white SUV and a BMW, respectively — and proceeded to collide into each other.

The BMW driver did her best to close the door and get out of the area but it was to no avail. The woman in the white SUV repeatedly rammed her vehicle into the car.

Eventually, the white SUV drove off and slammed into a fire hydrant as water spewed everywhere.

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The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power responded to the broken hydrant to make repairs.

The LAPD said a report of the incident has not been filed with them.

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