Monsters, Gorillas and Santa Claus Captured on Surveillance Cameras Set Up Around Local Park

The cameras were originally set up after a concerned citizen reported seeing mountain lion tracks along the trails.

When a Kansas police department set up cameras to monitor wildlife at a local park, they didn't expect to find these fantastic beasts roaming around.

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Lt. Lee Krout of the Gardner Police Department told the cameras were placed in Celebration Park about two weeks ago, after a concerned citizen reported tracks of what was believed to be a mountain lion.

The footage showed coyotes and raccoons, but cops were not prepared for what they saw next: Pranksters dressed as monsters, gorillas and even Santa Claus.

Seeing the humor of the situation, the Gardner Police Department posted the images to its Facebook page.

"We actually got a big kick out of it," Krout said. "We thought it was really funny. It made our day."

He said they weren't surprised by the prank since the cameras were out in the open. "My theory is it was probably some kids that had seen [the camera] so they just decided to go out and have some fun with it."

Despite the antics, Krout said the pranksters were "really respectful," and did not do anything obscene or damage the property

Authorities also said they were not able to identify the pranksters, since they were careful in keeping their faces hidden from cameras. 

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While the cameras appeared to capture every creature — animal and human — that roams Celebration Park at night, cops said they did not spot the mountain lion that initially prompted installation of the cameras. 

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